~Classic Black & White Caricatures~
While it is hard to separate the different Caricatures into sections, I will divide them by detail.
These are the quickest to do and can be a cheap and cheerful gift for a friend. But when you start adding more than one person to the commission, it starts adding time and cost to the job. The group shots here are the largest iv’e ever done!

  • The Three Stooges
  • Apollo & Hughesy
  • Gav&Jez
  • Cobba&Beavs
  • Flock of Nurses
  • A Pod of Porters

~Stylised Caricatures~
There are a variety of styles here but generally they have black and white outlines with a coloured background. This style has been the most popular as gifts for friends and family.

  • Birthday Commissions
  • Lavers Family Commissions
  • Strange Scenarios
  • De Maggios Kids
  • The James Gang
  • Furry Friends

~Painterly Caricatures~
These pieces are time intensive, but the level of detail you can achieve is fantastic. It’s so much fun to hide little “Easter eggs” throughout the piece.

  • Josh Bono
  • The Duke