~ Digital Painting ~

  • Painting in photoshop is awesome. I had so much fun painting Mr Driver, Nanny Phyllis, Sunny Curtis, Sammy Rainbow, Peggy and Sue.
    I also learnt so much in the process. I can’t wait to do more.
  • “The raft of Maldusa” was a piece done as a birthday present for my uncle Mal. If you ever see him get his gear off, this is sort of how it goes…
  • The two couple portraits were commissioned as presents for birthdays and Christmas presents.
  • Seth is a painted pooch as a Christmas present for my brother, and the flamingo/crocodile was an experiment in creature design and lighting.
  • The HawkMaster began as an exploration of smudging techniques in photoshop and got a bit out of hand.
  • Mr Driver
  • Sammy Rainbow
  • Peggy&Sue
  • The Raft of Maldusa
  • The Lees
  • The Lows
  • Furry Friends
  • HawkMaster

The red head piece was made with the aim to create a new and unique version of the iconic match brand. It was the first piece uploaded to my Redbubble shop and was followed by the baby horse and skull. I hope to keep adding to the shop as inspiration comes.

  • RedHead
  • RedHead Products
  • Baby Horse
  • Skull Poop

~ Photo Manipulation ~
Ironman…. he is a man and an iron. Enough said.

~ Photo Retouching ~
The Choc pieces show a “Before & After” makeover and it’s not a natural transformation… photoshop was needed badly.

  • Soft serve
  • Biscuit Retouching
  • Choc Pieces